Pokerbros Review & Guide (The Second Golden Age of Poker)

Pokerbros Review & Guide (The Second Golden Age of Poker)

Pokerbros is one of the few poker clients that emerged around 2017, allowing home game organizers to bring their games to the web. Organizers have the ability to create their own private club on the Pokerbros application, and invite all of their players. 

All of the clubs on Pokerbros are run entirely through play money chips, and players deal directly with club owners and agents to deposit their money and withdraw their winnings. Essentially, Pokerbros is taking live, local cash games and fusing them with online poker.

Pokerbros benefits the online poker community; it is the Second Golden Age of online poker. Many of the players in these private Pokerbros clubs are live cash game players. 

They are players who enjoy playing poker in their free time, not grinders who consider poker their main source of income. As a result, the clubs on Pokerbros have some of the softest games available online. 

It is easy to find tons of action at all stakes, because the players are used to the soft, high-stakes action which is standard at live games. You can sign-up and start playing completely anonymously. There are no background checks required, it doesn’t matter what country you are located in, and deposits are easy.

 Simply contact an agent for a Pokerbros club that is accepting players, choose one of various payment methods, and get started. Online poker is back!

Author: Bruce Jacobs